Men’s preference in wedding bands

Wedding rings are basically a symbol of lifelong commitment, therefore, taking ample time while selecting a wedding ring is something common everywhere. Women have been enjoying several types of beautiful, stylish and elegant wedding rings since ages. Moreover, for complementing their wedding ring, they include various kinds of diamonds and gemstones. Traditionally, men have been having a fewer choices when selecting their wedding rings. However, in the present day, a huge number of men are looking for those types of wedding bands which complement their lifestyle and fashion sense. While selecting a wedding band, men gives a lot of preference to the metal as each types of metal has their own unique properties which affect durability, comfort and care. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult for people to decide which one is the right one for them. If you want more information you can check out so that you will get better ideas.

Tungsten carbide

Below is the list of few of the men’s preference in wedding bands:


Platinum is one of the rarest elements found in the earth’s crust and is considered as one of the most durable metal. This rare and durable metal would never lose the bright metallic white colour it has. Moreover, it is hypo- allergenic and would most likely never cause skin reactions. Therefore, if you can afford then selecting platinum wedding band would be a great choice for you.

Yellow gold

yellow gold

Yellow gold is basically an evergreen choice for every kind of jewellery pieces. It gives off warm, subtle glow and is considered as a classic option for wedding bands. The quantity of silver and copper blended into the mixture of gold can also affect the colour and hardness.

Rose gold

The rose gold has a soothing, romantic colour which works well for several ensembles, particularly if the bride is having a similar colour. Rose gold looks very beautiful and elegant and it creates a very unique vintage effect. Therefore, if you are someone who would love to have a distinctive look then the rose gold would be the best option for you.Rose gold

White gold

White gold is cooler and brighter metallic colour with plated rhodium which resembles platinum. It is basically a member of platinum family. It has a brilliant white colour which is similar to the platinum. However, it is cheaper than platinum and closer to the price of yellow gold. You need to know that the rhodium plating on the white gold jewelleries needs to be replaced after around a decade.


Palladium is a bright and shiny metal. It is extremely durable and doesn’t require re-plating. Palladium is also a member of the platinum family and looks very similar to the platinum. However, it is generally much cheaper than the platinum as well as the white gold.


Tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide is basically a silver-hued metal which looks similar to the platinum but is not expensive like the platinum. If you are into sports then you need to have a wedding band made from a metal which would be able to survive a few hits. The tungsten carbide doesn’t get scratched or damaged easily. Therefore, you can consider having it if you require this type of durability. However, this metal can’t be re-sized. Its colour can range from silver to black.