Interesting things you can do when you stay at Sea Shanty Restaurant

Sea Shanty restaurant is located in a beautiful small town named as Cayucos. Capt. James Cass founded the Cayucos in the late 1800s, and you’ll still be able to experience a nineteenth-century look in its main street.

Sea Shanty is a valuable restaurant for you to spend your weekend. There are a lot of things to do when you stay at Sea Shanty Restaurant in Cayucos.

Antique shopping


Antique shopping is the most interesting thing that you can enjoy in Cayucos if you’re staying at Sea Shanty restaurant. There are a lot of antique shops located in this town and most of them are located along Ocean Avenue.

Tour the Murals

All over the town, there is a wide range of artwork available for your entertainment. You can go and take a look at a different kind of artwork to enjoy your weekend.

Go to the Beach

This is the most interesting thing that most of the people enjoy doing in Cayucos and the best part is that the Sea Shanty is located right near the beach so you can enjoy the view of the beach all over the day and you can also go to the beach whenever you want.

A fireside story-telling session is held on the Friday evenings in the summer that can grab your attention. In the summer, right after full or dark phases of the moon, during the nighttime high tide, the small grunion fish swarm ashore to spawn.

Visit Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is the most famous attraction in this area and you can reach there right after a half-hour drive.

Elephant Seals

During the breeding season, the elephant seal rookery is the most interesting place to visit. Just in a few weeks around 4,000 pups are born from December to February and you’ll really enjoy the view.


There are lot other interesting things that you can do in Cayucos such as broad walks, biking, shopping, relaxing, playing and more. And you can enjoy all that without any hassle if you plan to stay at Sea Shanty Restaurant.

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